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Necklace heart
"Heart" Necklace

"Heart" Necklace Silver

26,00 €
Raspberry blossom earrings gold
"Raspberry Blossom" Earrings/g.

"Raspberry Blossom" Earrings/g. Steel and copper Gold flushed Handmade

30,00 €
Infinity necklace silver
"Infinity" Necklace

"Infinity" Necklace Silver Handmade

90,00 €


"Cloud Gold" Earrings
"Cloud Gold" Earrings

"Cloud Gold" Earrings Gold (19,2 K) Handmade

192,00 €
"Aqua Marine L." Ring
"Aqua Marine L." Ring

"Aqua Marine L." Ring Aqua Marine, Silver Handmade

305,00 €
"Aqua Marine Beauty" Ring
"Aqua Marine Beauty" Ring

"Aqua Marine Beauty" Ring Aqua Marine, Silver Handmade

465,00 €

Silver Rings

"Granules" Ring

"Granules" Ring
Silver, handmade
Size: 52-53-56
Width 7 mm.

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144,00 €

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"Granules" Ring

"Granules" Ring

"Granules" Ring
Silver, handmade
Size: 52-53-56
Width 7 mm.

Beautiful ring, with small granules on the top part of it. Very special, unique design.

Totally handmade.

Available size: 52-53-56

Width 7 mm.

If you are interested in having a customized ring (size), you can ask for it, we can give you an estimation of time necessary to make the ring for you.



Valérie left her native Brittany in 2001 to live and travel in Africa. It is through Chad that she discovered this continent.

The harshness and beauty of this country, but above all the warmth and wealth of its inhabitants will intimately influence its way of understanding, looking, feeling and creating.

After ten African years, Valérie returned to Europe, to Portugal. She studied jewellery at the Contacto Directo School in Lisbon, then at the Centro de Joalharia in Lisboa and obtained her diploma as a jeweller.

She created her first collections and in 2014 she set up her workshop at LX Factory in Lisbon, a place that welcomes many Lisbon designers.

Valérie imagines and shapes each of her jewellery herself. She works directly with metal. The long manufacturing process is the place where the creator's sensitivity is expressed.

She finds her inspiration in the romantic French jewellery of the 19th century, but also in African jewellery, filigree, granules.

Valérie's jewellery is not just a support for gems, but the combination of stones and metal that, when worked and shaped by hand, gives the jewellery its personality.

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  • Styles Dressy

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