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Necklace heart
"Heart" Necklace

"Heart" Necklace Silver

26,00 €
Raspberry blossom earrings gold
"Raspberry Blossom" Earrings/g.

"Raspberry Blossom" Earrings/g. Steel and copper Gold flushed Handmade

30,00 €
Infinity necklace silver
"Infinity" Necklace

"Infinity" Necklace Silver Handmade

90,00 €


"Cloud Gold" Earrings
"Cloud Gold" Earrings

"Cloud Gold" Earrings Gold (19,2 K) Handmade

192,00 €
"Aqua Marine L." Ring
"Aqua Marine L." Ring

"Aqua Marine L." Ring Aqua Marine, Silver Handmade

305,00 €
"Aqua Marine Beauty" Ring
"Aqua Marine Beauty" Ring

"Aqua Marine Beauty" Ring Aqua Marine, Silver Handmade

465,00 €

Silver Rings

"Moonstone" Ring

"Moonstone" Ring
Silver / Moonstone
Size: 18,20 mm/57

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145,00 €

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"Moonstone" Ring

"Moonstone" Ring

"Moonstone" Ring
Silver / Moonstone
Size: 18,20 mm/57

Silver, Monostone 1,2 cm x 1,2 cm. with details in Silver and Silver Gold plated.

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SAS Design

Fusing various influences a classic way, the inspiration of Sas Design comes from all over; from Etruscan Indian Mogol and Ottoman, from travel and books to exhibitions and fashion trends.

Silver, gold on silver and a variety of precious stones form the basis of all the designs, maintaining high standards of quality, using sterling silver and stones that gives good mood. Sometimes the design is about the stone or the other way round, the goal is, for Sas Design, to make jewelry that bring a smile on the face of the client.

Dutch entrepreneur designer Saskia Schellen enjoys travelling; it’s what makes her feel connected to several different cultures and it inspires many new ideas. As a child she already collected sparkling objects, and after studying anthropology all these interests fall into place.

The jewels themselves are handmade by a small team of goldsmiths from the Thar desert in India, giving each jewel an own and unique character.

  • Compositions Silver
  • Styles Classic

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