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Silver Ring Circle
"Circle" Ring

"Circle" Ring Silver Size: 16,0mm 

20,00 €
Necklace with two circles
"Two circles" Necklace

"Two circles" Necklace Silver

26,00 €
Necklace heart
"Heart" Necklace

"Heart" Necklace Silver

26,00 €


"Pastel S" Earrings
"Pastel S" Earrings

"Pastel S" Earrings Silver, Quartz, Moonstone Handmade

235,00 €
"Granules" Ring
"Granules" Ring

"Granules" Ring Silver, handmade Size: 52-53-56 Width 7 mm.

144,00 €
"Mousse L" Ring
"Mousse L" Ring

"Mousse L" Ring Silver, handmade Size: 52-53-55-56-57-58

203,00 €

Silver Necklaces

"Star" Necklace

"Star" Necklace

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26,00 €

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"Star" Necklace

"Star" Necklace

"Star" Necklace

A nice and trendy collection. The jewelry is made of silver and comes with a rhodium plated layer, which means that the silver does not turn black and you do not have to brush the necklace.

The necklace is part of a set and fun to combine with the star earring or star bracelet.

The size of the star is 13.5 mm x 10.5 mm. The thickness of the chain is 1.2 mm. The length can vary from 41 cm to 45 cm.

Silver 925

*Also available packed as a gift.


Dutch designer , graduated from the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. After it she has been working on her jewelry collections. In addition she also teaches  Goldsmith.

Her jewelry is made of special materials and techniques. By applying well-known techniques in an innovative way, jewelry emerges from among others; knots, yarns and wood. She won several important prices about her creations.

  • Compositions Silver
  • Styles Classic
  • Necklace Length The length can vary from 41 cm to 45 cm.

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