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Silver Ring Circle
"Circle" Ring

"Circle" Ring Silver Size: 16,0mm 

20,00 €
Necklace heart
"Heart" Necklace

"Heart" Necklace Silver

26,00 €
Raspberry blossom earrings gold
"Raspberry Blossom" Earrings/g.

"Raspberry Blossom" Earrings/g. Steel and copper Gold flushed Handmade

30,00 €


"Albachiara" Necklace
"Albachiara" Necklace

"Albachiara" Necklace Silver 925 cm. 91,5 Handmade in Italy

205,00 €
"Pastel S" Earrings
"Pastel S" Earrings

"Pastel S" Earrings Silver, Quartz, Moonstone Handmade

235,00 €
"Granules" Ring
"Granules" Ring

"Granules" Ring Silver, handmade Size: 52-53-56 Width 7 mm.

144,00 €

Silver Earrings

"To be" Earrings

"To be" Earrings
Handmade in Italy

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44,00 €

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"To be" Earrings

"To be" Earrings

"To be" Earrings
Handmade in Italy

925 natural sterling silver earrings, gr. 4,4

Shipping FREE OF CHARGE if the delivery destination is Italy.


The Muratori family is the soul and the heart of Athena Gioielli, a project that began in 1984 in a small laboratory and become a reality now consolidated and in constantly growing.

Silver is naturally precious not plagued by galvanic processes, the hamstrings and surface effects are realized in order to enhance  the shine with lights and shadows.

Athena jewels are designed and made entirely in Italy.  Since some years the company has obtained the T FASHION certification from the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

  • Compositions Silver
  • Styles Dressy

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