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Silver Ring Circle
"Circle" Ring

"Circle" Ring Silver Size: 16,0mm 

20,00 €
Necklace with two circles
"Two circles" Necklace

"Two circles" Necklace Silver

26,00 €
Necklace heart
"Heart" Necklace

"Heart" Necklace Silver

26,00 €


"Pastel S" Earrings
"Pastel S" Earrings

"Pastel S" Earrings Silver, Quartz, Moonstone Handmade

235,00 €
"Granules" Ring
"Granules" Ring

"Granules" Ring Silver, handmade Size: 52-53-56

144,00 €
"Mousse L" Ring
"Mousse L" Ring

"Mousse L" Ring Silver, handmade Size: 52-53-55-56-57-58

203,00 €

Golden Bracelets

"Mini Leaf Pearl" Bracelet

"Mini Leaf Pearl"  Bracelet
Silver Gold plated/Pearl, Handmade

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30,00 €

  • SN_JO_B020
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"Mini Leaf Pearl" Bracelet

"Mini Leaf Pearl" Bracelet

"Mini Leaf Pearl"  Bracelet
Silver Gold plated/Pearl, Handmade

Beautiful sweet bracelet in silver gold plated.
Gold flushed mini leaf (1,2 x 0,6 cm)
Soft pink fair trade sweet water pearl
Chain 14K gold filled


Please be aware that a pearl is a natural product. Shade of colour may differ.

Gift box available


Julia Otilia is a Swedish designer. Her Scandinavian roots are reflected in all her design. With a fine and simple touch she captures the subtle beauty of nature. Julia’s collections are created on the flow of inspiration rather than the rush of each new season. Every step of the production is made with consciousness and care, for everyone involved.

Her sterling silver and 24K gold-plated jewellery, are hand made one by one, by local smiths in Indonesia, Bali. She loves nature`s shapes and the quality and the feelings of artisan.

  • Compositions Silver
  • Styles Dressy
  • Bracelet Length 18 cm

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