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Silver Ring Circle
"Circle" Ring

"Circle" Ring Silver Size: 16,0mm 

20,00 €
Necklace heart
"Heart" Necklace

"Heart" Necklace Silver

26,00 €
Raspberry blossom earrings gold
"Raspberry Blossom" Earrings/g.

"Raspberry Blossom" Earrings/g. Steel and copper Gold flushed Handmade

30,00 €


"Albachiara" Necklace
"Albachiara" Necklace

"Albachiara" Necklace Silver 925 cm. 91,5 Handmade in Italy

205,00 €
"Pastel S" Earrings
"Pastel S" Earrings

"Pastel S" Earrings Silver, Quartz, Moonstone Handmade

235,00 €
"Granules" Ring
"Granules" Ring

"Granules" Ring Silver, handmade Size: 52-53-56 Width 7 mm.

144,00 €

Golden Bracelets

"Rom Bo" Bracelet

"Rom Bo" Bracelet
Solid Brass /Black fabric inside
Only 20 pieces made

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90,00 €

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"Rom Bo" Bracelet

"Rom Bo" Bracelet

"Rom Bo" Bracelet
Solid Brass /Black fabric inside
Only 20 pieces made

Rom Bo means bracelet in Kayan and this piece is handcrafted brass beads woven through upcycled fabric. The handcrafted beads are representative of the life growth of a tree and embodies bohemian charm. The Rom Bo Handmade Bracelet is inspired by a traditional piece of jewelry where these beads are a part of a large handmade necklace.

La Tuang made 20 Rom Bo Bracelets.

• Handcrafted 100% brass beads

• Upcycled black fabric inside the bracelet

• Handmade loop clasp

• 7 ¾ inch circumference

• Sales fund community projects

Available Gift Box

Ways of Change (cousins and founders, Cara Boccieri and Lauren Baird) is an ethical fashion brand connecting people affected by conflict and migration to a global community. The idea is to offer fair wages to refugees so that they may support and empower themselves through entrepreneurship while sustaining and building upon their traditional skills. Where possible, the products are made from upcycled, organic, natural, cruelty-free, fairly traded and locally sourced materials.

In offering a high-quality and socially conscious product WOC aim to inspire people to use the power of their purchase to create positive change in the world. WOC believes that by connecting people it is possible to create a space of mutual empowerment where people recognize themselves in others.

In the long-term, Ways of Change hopes to provide support to refugees as they become repatriated (return to their country of origin), resettled (settled into a third country) or integrated into local communities (where they are currently living).

Marketable on a global scale, this is something that fuse together the traditions of the communities with exceptional style and design.

  • Compositions Brass
  • Styles Classic

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