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Every civilization in history has revered a specific stone as a lucky charms


They were considered incomplete without some kind of magical talisman (necklaces, rings, snakes, beetles and  others) so they possessed one stone of lapis lazuli.


They made jewelry with amethyst, pearls, emeralds, chalcedonias, carnelian, garnet….

Asian Culture

Jade. As in many others jade stone is venerated and used as an amulet to increase wealth and ward off diseases. Besides being very popular in China, you can also see amazing sculptures made of jade in Mexico and Peru.

One of the most popular representations of the jade stone as a symbol of good luck and protection amulet are the two Buddha statuettes made in jade in “The Jade Buddha Temple” located in Shanghai.


Why stones are lucky charms?

How is it possible that the culture of the realization of lucky charms based on precious stones can last in history to this day?

Well, we do not know for sure but one of the reasons surely has to be the pile of written material about the magic and luck of the precious stones.

Not only in the world of literature, the magical power and the energies of the stones have manifested themselves as magical artifacts or lucky amulets, because in the world of cinema the references to the extraordinary faculties to the stones are also noted.

In the transcendental historical saga of “The Lord of the Rings” existed the “palantires” (those who see from afar) were the seer stones carried by Elendil and his sons Númenor to the middle earth, made by Feanor and Aman.

Although they use fictitious names to refer to crystals, an important reference is made to the idea that stones have magical faculties.

In the same way with the current millionaire sagas of “The Avengers” the superheroes fight to protect and gather the “gems of the infinite” which are 6 stones of different colours, which are charged with soul and “magic energy” and having the power to control the universe itself.

This type of reference is also commonly observed in animated cartoons and films such as “the jade medallion” and “in search of the magic stone”.


Why are Amulets of Luck?

From the beginning, humanity has been trying to use external, superior and powerful aids to help solve the problems that life brings, whether physical or emotional.

There is no doubt that the stones have been considered for years as a gift of nature by kings, magicians, shamans, fortune-tellers and other powerful people.

The amulets need the faith and sincere commitment of our being, when this happens we have the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves to find will, answers, certainties, faith or any other strength we need.

The lucky amulets: were born in order to connect with external forces to ourselves that can free us from evil and harm, these elements also have the power to take care of even ourselves. All cultures and spiritual traditions have their respective amulets.

 The magic of crystals and minerals comes from its chemical composition, its crystalline energy and its colour.


How can lucky charms protect you?

Amulet comes from the Latin “amuletum” and “amoliri” which means to separate or move away from the Arabic “jamalet” which means object that is carried.

It has the ability to reinforce and amplify external forces:

The amulets have the power to concentrate in a single element all the universal force and energy and allow you to enter into direct connection, all this force enhances yours, experts in the field consider them a kind of tool of light.

It allows you to take complete control of your emotions and your body.

Lucky charms allow you to find yourself with spirit and in that sense find your true motives and objectives. In this way you take absolutely all your strengths, thoughts and feelings to take the steps you must take and that are necessary to find the path and life you want.

Experts in the field resemble the operation of lucky charms with a lantern, candle or lamp, as what it does is illuminate the outer and inner paths of your being to find what is necessary.

Always carry a lucky charm built with magical precious or semiprecious minerals will allow you to constantly carry with you the light and wisdom.

It is said that they have the ability to distill their contained properties when they come into contact with human heat, that is why we see them in necklaces, bracelets, rings and other garments that we can always have close to us.

Let’s start with one of the best-known lucky charms stones in the world


Since ancient times it has been used as a sacred amulet of healing and protection by many cultures that venerated it as a magical object for the body and mind. It is popularly known as the magical resin of ancestral bowls.

Lapis lazuli

This beautiful stone was venerated by the Egyptians, who used it to make their lucky charms, in the form of beetles, snakes and other figures. It is considered a stone of clean magic, it can protect you from bad energies but you can not generate them.



Being the best known jade green stone, it is known to bring a lot of abundance to those who wear it, that is why it is very common to observe it in jewels, although this stone can also be observed in business, because it attracts fortune. It is also known as the money stone, surround yourself with it and also attract modesty and kindness.



With its beautiful purple colour really it is not difficult to want to wear it. Nothing nobler than amethyst stone to get away from those situations that really harm you (addictions), clean your path and remove all the negative with this beautiful purple stone.



Its name comes from turkey and its blue is simply hypnotizing, it is a very valuable stone in the world of esoteria and astrology, it is very used by clairvoyants.



it usually appears transparent, white, green, yellow, orange, blue, grey and black; you can choose the colour that you like the most.

It is a beautiful lucky stone that can help you improve your energy reserves and subtract from you all those that are stagnant. It will allow you to strengthen your relationship status that are sometimes so difficult to reach

Particularly, pink calcite is used to strengthen relationships and affective processes.



Although its colours range from green to yellowish, the most popular of these stones is a kind of green. This gem is one of the most valuable and revered by society and royalty and is not only due to its beauty. We believe that if you wear an emerald amulet your mind and spirit will find constant purification.

It symbolizes abundance. Experts believe it helps overcome anxiety and states of sadness, fear and anguish. Part of its beauty lies in the difference of its green because although there are many stones of this color, this is the only one that has a crystal clear impression.

Greek history says that the name of this crystal refers to Ops, wife of Saturn and goddess of fertility, others say that the name is due to the opacity of the opal. In the Middle Ages it was very often used as an amulet of good luck, it was believed to be the virtues of all other gems.

This stone generates creativity and lighting. In more recent times it has been used as a generator of creativity and inspiration.



There are many theories about this stone, and all come from the Romans, it is a completely feminine and sweet stone, it was believed that it had the possibility of capturing the rays of the moon and this is why it is named. It is a divinely lunar amulet and has the beauty and strength of the moon.



It is an amulet of luck somewhat wild, among many precious stones this has an important psychic action in who carries it. In the same way it can improve the bad external moods of “rivals”.

All these beautiful gemstones will help you focus your eyes to achieve what you set out to do.

In addition to the internal composition of these minerals, another highlight is its color, all colors generate a different energy.

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