There is no sure-fire way of securing your partner's ring size for a surprise proposal, commitment ceremony, birthday or anniversary. We do, however, have a few suggestions that might work for you to make sure the surprise is special.


Existing Ring

If your partner owns a ring that fits the ring finger of their right hand, chances are that it's a little bit bigger or smaller than the left hand. It all depends on which hand is his/her dominant hand. If you know that the the ring fits perfectly on the left ring finger you could slip away for a few hours and get the ring measured at your local jewelry store. If you can't slip away with the ring, make an impression of it on a bar of soap or clay, or trace the inside of the ring on a piece of paper.


Phone a Friend Or Mother

Ask your partner's mom, best friend or anyone close to them who might know their ring size. Your partner's mom might have a "secret heirloom" ring lying around that your partner could try on.


Fake Shopping Trip

You'll need an excuse like a sister or mother's birthday to get her in a jewelry store. Ask your partner to help you pick out a gift and look at rings among other things. Your partner might get suspicious of your sudden interest in jewelry shopping, so you could enlist the help of your partner's friend or mom to take him/her shopping instead.


Pay Attention

You may discover that your partner is leaving you clues, especially if they have a specific ring in mind as a present or as an engagement ring. They might want to try on a ring at the mall, or a friend might know of a ring design he/she was looking at.


String Sizer

Measure your partner's ring finger while they are asleep. By simply slipping a string or ribbon around their finger as they sleep, you can have an approximate measurement to bring to your local jewelry store.


Plastic Ring Sizer

Order plastic ring sizers and leave it lying around the house. Tell your partner that you are thinking of buying a ring for yourself and maybe he/she will play around with the sizers. Keep in mind that the width of the ring will determine the ring size. The wider the ring, the more snug it will fit. And don't forget, our customer service can give you plenty of information about ring sizing and ordering plastic ring sizers.


Source: Jewelry By Johan