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Golden Necklaces

"SIMPLY NICE" - Golden Necklaces

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SOLD OUT "Liz Rosary Pearls" Necklace Silver Gold Plated/Natural Pearls Handmade

175,00 €

"Clover Pearl" Necklace/g. Silver Gold Plated / Natural Pearl Handmade

40,00 €

"Citrine black Onyx Amethyst" Necklace Silver Gold pl./Citrine/Black Onyx/Amethyst Handmade N8330

114,00 €

"Carnelian" Necklace Silver Gold Plated / Carnelian Handmade Size: 42cm. N8357

114,00 €

"Green Quartz" Necklace Gold Silver Gold Plated Quartz Light Green Handmade

60,00 €

"Quartz & Opal" Necklace Silver Gold pl, Quartz green, Opal pink. Handmade

90,00 €
Out of stock

"Moonstone & Agatha" Necklace Gold Silver Gold plated Moonstone, Agatha, Pearls Handmade

140,00 €

"Blue Topaz" Necklace Gold Silver Gold plated Topaz blue Handmade

62,00 €

"Amethyst Rosa" Necklace Gold Silver Gold plated Amethyst rosa Handmade

70,00 €
Showing 1 - 9 of 23 items