A small accessory can have a big impact: "SIMPLY NICE" rings have beautiful design in term of materials, shapes and sizes. There is for sure a match with a necklace, earring and bracelet set. Gold and Silver, choose your style.

A small accessory can have a big impact: SIMPLY NICE´s rings

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"Bulbs" Ring

"Bulbs" Ring Silver Handmade Size: 16,5mm - 17,0 mm - 17,25mm

"Bulbs Zirconia" Ring

"Bulbs Zirconia" Ring Silver & Zirconia,  Handmade Size 16,75mm- 17,00mm - 17,50mm

"Balls" Ring

"Balls" Ring Silver Gold plated Handmade Size: 16,5mm

"Liz" Ring

"Liz" Ring Silver Gold Plated Handmade Size: 16,75 mm

"Rom Bo Bead" Ring

"Rom Bo Bead" Ring Solid Brass Handmade (every piece is unique) Size: 17 mm - 18,50 mm

"Coil" Ring

"Coil" Ring Solid Brass Handmade Only 40 pieces made Size: 16,50 mm - 18,50 mm

"Moonstone" Ring

"Moonstone" Ring Silver / Moonstone Handmade Size: 18,20 mm/57 R8513

"Waves" Ring

"Waves" Ring Silver Handmade Size 16,50 mm - 17mm  R1630